Sunday Lovin'

1) London
Of course you knew this would be the first one.
I've been here for about three weeks now, and slowly but surely
but very very ... very slowly,
I feel like things are coming together

We've been venturing out and staying in,
applying for jobs and accounts and everything there is to begin a life here.
So while I don't have all the photographs in the world to post on here and show off,
you can always follow me on Instagram HERE
I'm always posting some good London nonsense over there.

We've been staying in a pre-accomodaation before we move into our actual home, which happens next week.
And I can't tell you HOW EXCITED I AM.
To finally have the place where we can call home.
Counting down the hours.

You'll get much better updates once we get there as well.

2) The girls who took this page over in the first two weeks I was settling in London
They are a lovely bunch of ladies all over the world - from America to Germany to London to Scotland to Australia,
I'm so glad I've been able to meet them on here, and follow their adventures as well.

They're my favorite blogs and I wouldn't have featured them on here if it wasn't true,
and you're reading my blog - so you should probably take my recommendation and check them out.

A newly launched wedding and special events company.
Not only is it the cutest website full of amazing pictures and beautiful stories,
but I went to high school with Grace,
and I'm all for watching old friends make their dreams come true.

Heather and I went to Liverpool as you can see from the last post, and we surprisingly found a band we hadn't seen before.
They are such a nice group of guys, who've got some pretty addicting music.
I've had them on loop for the past week - make sure you check these guys out.
I like them so much I couldn't pick one song ... so you get two. Enjoy!


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