Carnaby, Cats, and Tea (Of Course)

Heather and I have officially been in London for over a month now.
Wasn't I just blogging about getting ready to leave?

Well, while we've been out and about running around the city,
I haven't been able to update here on the things that we've done.
So today, you get a twofer!


A few weeks ago Heather and I went to Lady Dinah's Cat Cafe.
It's actually completely what it sounds like - a cafe filled with cats.
This opened in London earlier this year, and once we heard about it, we were on top of those reservations.
Which was February - so yes, we've been looking forward to drinking tea with kittens for over six months.

When we first arrived, the cats were perched around the windows and shelves all asleep,
which was a bit of a let down.
But by the time we ordered and received out pot of tea, they began waking up, and the employees started throwing around the toys.

The cats were SO cute, but you could tell they were over it.
They didn't care about being pet, but they were all about the toys.
Chasing electric bugs, trying to swat the strings we were swinging.
It was pretty entertaining and aaaaaalmost everything we hoped it would be.

The week after this, there was a GQ Style Night Event on Carnaby Street
It was a free event, and by registering for a ticket you got a free drink, some snacks, and other goodies!
Heather made me get a makeover in a cosmetic store, 
and I have never worn so much makeup in my life.
There were street performers, Instagram booths, free samples, etc. etc. etc.
It's a good thing it was only a few hours, because we could have wandered through for the whole night.

I won't say that Heather and I spent 10 minutes staring at that Shakespeare dummy in the window wondering if it was a real man....
Because we didn't..... we didn't.


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