Sunday Lovin'

Packing and preparing is currently taking up my life,
so I've got a quick little write-up of what I've been loving.

The cutest journals, paintings, wall decor, everything.
Planning to get her Louisville drawings to hang in my room - I'm OBSESSED.

2) Van is on her way to Tromso! Probably as you're reading this right now.
She's making a huge move, like me. Except she'll be going from Germany to Norway.
Get ready for some great arctic photos!

3) This article on becoming a London cab driver.
I never thought about how much this job entails, but when you put it in the perspective of having the knowledge of every inch of London - from landmarks to pubs to businesses - and the fastest routes to get there in your head, these guys are pretty awesome.

4) Taylor at Due East had the ultimate trip from hell when she visited Paris.
Probably one of the craziest travel stories I've ever heard. Ever.

5) Oh, and have I told you?

Happy Sunday!
I'll be spending it packing ... and packing some more.


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