Sunday Lovin'

Welcome baaaack!

1) Do you already know what this is going to be?
Two weeks until I can start complain about rush hour and crowdedness through the Tube,
until I can hustle through people who don't know how to walk, while I'm trying to get to class on time,
until Heather and I are finally back living where we're so sure we belong,
until I'm finally writing this blog from the place that most of you think I already am.

2) A Stroll Through Tromso from Van at Snow in Tromso.
Like me, she is moving in a couple of weeks to a place she also fell in love with.
She understands a lot of my stress of moving countries,
but soon enough we'll be able to share excitement that we are FINALLY there!

3) I just downloaded this amazingly cute August calendar desktop background,
and I have to say, I'm obsessed.

4) Sara at Bristol In My Pocket was just recently in London,
and has been throwing out city posts lately, so you all know I love that.

5) Getting Started With Running with Christina at Route Bliss.
I haaaate running. I hate it.
But I do know that the more I run, the more I enjoy it, and the more inclined I am to keep it up.
This is great for those of you who are just beginning the terror that is going on a run.
I promise, it's not sooo bad.

6) This Staycation Travel Link Up
because why can't you travel in the city you live in?
The link up runs until August 7 - so go get your local travel on!

I don't know if I've ever read anything more true to word on what it's like to come home
after you're life was changed abroad.
"It's like learning a foreign language that no one around you speaks, so there is no way to communicate to them how you really feel."


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