I'm Back!

... Well, only for today.

I've had some amazing bloggers taking over my page for the past week,
and I've got a few more coming this next one as well.

London has been amazing, but London has been stressful.
I actually thought the workload would have lightened once I actually got here.
Cute. I know.
So I'm off doing that for the next week as well, while you get some more amazing things to read about - England bucket lists, Arctic adventures, Paris, Scotland - it's all too much. Enjoy!

So anyways, quick update:


The flight was long - you'd think I was used to it with traveling, but I couldn't sleep at all.
Not because I was excited, but because it was so. damn. small.
I'm not very jet-lagged though - I feel I've mastered that art, which I'm probably overly-proud of.

We've been exploring and re-exploring the places we miss and love, while also situating our lives.
So for you, I have pictures!

Will be back after this week with more regularly scheduled posts, but enjoy my guests these next few days - they are a great bunch! 

And while you're here, why not check out the amazing expats I've had guest posting this past week?

Taylor from Due East on Extended Layovers

Sammy from To The Days Like This on Why Moving to London is a Good Idea

Anna from Anna in Wonderland on English Expectations vs. Reality

and Darci from Freedom of Excess on East London Fun

Thanks again girls!


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