Fab Four Friday

Candlestick Park is a stadium located in San Francisco, CA.
It is set to be torn down in the near future, and who better than to play it's final show there?
Yup. Of course it's Paul McCartney.

This is a pretty big deal, but for other reasons.
Candlestick Park was the last live show that The Beatles ever performed.
This was in August of 1966. They didn't officially break up until 1970.
Crazy, huh?


- Although The Beatles did the rooftop concert in London in 1969, it was unannounced and Candlestick Park remains labeled as their 'official' last live performance.

- Although the group had known it was going to be their final show, no one else did.

- Before one of the last numbers, the boys set up a camera to capture them on stage. 
Don't try and tell me that The Beatles weren't the first ones to take 'selfies,' because we've got pretty good proof here:

- Paul also asked one of their team members to record the entire show.  Everything was caught on tape, except for the last half of the final song 'Long Tall Sally.' You can hear the final recording (and the cut off) below:

And if you're feeling crazy, (like I usually am) you can listen to the whole show in that video.
I particularly love the little bits in between the songs - oh and the screams in this video. I wonder if these girls even heard the boys singing?

Then again, I wouldn't mind just looking at them for an hour either.


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