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Hello readers! I am right in the mix of that little move to London - you know, the whole 'expat blogger' thing? Well, I've decided to finally give truth to the title, and am on my way over.
While I am currently figuring out life across the world, I've got a few of my favorite bloggers stepping in for me to keep this page up and running - enjoy! - Caity


Hi everyone! I'm Jess and I blog at Stamp in my Passport. I'm a recent college grad living in Florida and I write about travel, cooking for one, books and decorating my first apartment.

I was fortunate enough to spend a semester studying abroad in Paris. It was such an amazing experience. Croissants and café au lait every morning and afternoon strolls through the park. A lot of friends were studying abroad across Europe at the same time and when they came to Paris on their free travel, they always asked where I suggested they should visit.

If you should ever find yourself in Paris here are the three places that should be at the top of your list (in my opinion):

Photo Credit: Lauren Knight, Harding in Paris Director
The D'Orsay
If you love the muted colors and soft lines of Degas, Renoir, and Monet, then you will want to make a beeline for the D'Orsay for an hour or two. In my opinion, if you can only make it to one museum on your trip, this should be it. Forget the Louvre and Mona Lisa.

Home to the street artists, young people and Sacre Coeur, this neighborhood is worth the long metro ride. The views of the city below are beautiful and there are lots of cafes and shops to visit. At any given moment you'll also find street performers and can enjoy the free (or cheap, if you are nice and leave a tip) concert.

If you would have a little extra time and need to get outside of the city limits, hop on the RER (commuter rail line) to Versailles to be transported back in time to the height of French royal glamour. If the weather is nice and you want to avoid lots of people, opt for the tour of the grounds over the inside.
And don't forget to wander off to visit Petit Trinanon. 

 A list of all of the foods I suggest you try as well, would take up a whole post unto itself. 
Let’s just say I would suggest that you make room for second lunches and second dinners just to fit all of them in.
And don’t forget to pack a few muumuus to conceal your growing waistline.

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