Your Guide to a Weekend in London

Heather and I have written up plenty of guides and itineraries for friends who are visiting London.

As we've done this, we've been able to map a great way around the city
to see all of the favorite sights in a day.
And if you have more than a day to spend,
you can easily spread this out and take your time wanderin the city too.

Use this as a very basic guide, and make the trip your own.
I know that everyone has their sights and things that are top priorities to see,
but this guide is mainly to give you a convenient way to travel through London where you aren't wasting your time figuring out how to get here and there.

And I'm sure you have those priority sights you're looking for are around,
for example, there are an insane amount of museums in London that have free admission.
They are placed all all around these areas, so if there's one you particularly want to visit (I loved the Imperial War Museum in South London) and you're following this guide, make sure to look where it's located and where it can fit in your schedule.

So let's get right into it!
I've written this out as a hypothetical weekend trip,
as if you're arriving on Friday afternoon and leaving on Sunday evening.

Leave your accommodation and take the tube up to St. John's Wood.
Walking out of the Tube Station, you'll be facing the way you need to go-straight up Grove End Road.
This takes you straight to your first sight:
Abbey Road and Abbey Road Studios
(whatever, you know this was going to be included in my guide ;) )

Once you get your stereotypical pictures walking across the crosswalk,
head back to St. John's Wood Tube Station, and take the Jubilee Line down to Bond Street.
This will put you on your second sight,
Oxford Street
One of the busiest areas in the world - the entire area is lined with hundreds of stores and restaurants.
Spend some time around here doing some shopping,
(Selfridges is right next to the Bond Street Statin, if you're interested in this massively amazing store)

After you're finished here, walk down Regent Street (one of my favorite streets to stroll)
towards your next sight:
Piccadilly Circus & Leicester Square
These are right next to each other, so you'll be walking between the two seeing things.
This is also the hub of the West End, so there are tons of theaters around here with some amazing shows.
I would recommend ending your day here, with a nice dinner and a good show - Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera are always go-to classics, and both right in the area!

Begin your day arriving at the Green Park Tube Station
Walking out, you'll stroll straight through Green Park,
which will lead you right to your first destination of the day:
Buckingham Palace
Ah, yes, the big stuff that everyone wants to see.
The Changing of The Guards takes place normally at 11AM,
but check here if it may be different (some months have only done it on even numbered dates)

When you're finished here, looking at Buckingham Palace - turn right and walk up Constitution Hill
This takes you to the next big sight:
Hyde Park
Take a nice stroll, ride a Barclays bike through!

Doing so, make your way up the park, and you'll hit your third sight of the day:
Royal Albert Hall
This place is massively famous for it's events held there,
my favorites being the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary, and the first time I saw Paul McCartney.

From the Royal Albert Hall, walk past and turn left on Queen's Gate
You'll get a nice walk through Kensington, and their rows of stunning white flats you may have seen in my cover photo on the series about finding a flat abroad.
(Harrods is also in this area, if you are looking to see that other massively amazing store)

You'll eventually make it to the South Kensington Tube Station
From here, take the Circle & District line to Westminster
Walk out of the Westminster Tube Station and you'll be looking up at probably what you came to London to see:
Big Ben & Parliament
This is that amazing view of London, that you've seen everywhere, so enjoy it in the evening, and wake up Sunday and start again here.

Alright - final day!
Start back in Westminster at Parliament.
Walk over the bridge towards Southwark for a great view of the Thames River
and your first attraction of the day:
The London Eye
Jump on here and have a ride if you like, it takes about 30 minutes to go around,
and you get an incredible view of the entire city.

After, I recommend turning right (if you're facing the Eye)
and taking your time walking up the Thames, but if you want a quicker route,
you can jump on down the Southwark tube station and take the Jubilee line up to your next place:
The London Bridge

If you don't know that the London Bridge isn't the stunning bridge you always see London advertised with,
well you're in for a dissapointment.
BUT getting off at this stop takes you to both the Tower Bridge,
which is the real name of the bridge you're thinking of,
and the Tower of London, which are both must-sees

From here, you can take head down the Tower Hill tube station and take the District Line up to Aldgate East and see one of London's most vibrant markets -
Brick Lane
The best of Brick Lane is only open on Sundays until 5, so if you get there in the early afternoon, you can grab some delicious lunch and shop around for a few hours.

Once you're finished here, you'll either be running to catch your train home,
or going to visit another area you've always wanted to see.
You've circled around the city pretty well, so you should be relatively familiar with where you want to go!

If you feel yourself ever getting lost though, there are maps on just about every corner, so never fret.
It's been a lifesaver to me more than a few times.

Good luck, and enjoy London! 


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