Sunday Lovin'

1) That I have three weeks until I move to London.
Yes, you will be hearing about this every Sunday until I leave.
Which, have I mentioned? Is in THREE WEEKS!

2) My guest post being featured on Marocmama
about taking that first step towards your dreams.
Of course I love this - I wrote it.
Check it out!

Right after I get to London, she's leaving London
to travel for a year in SE Asia and Australia.
My broke little travel brain will be living vicariously through her.

posting on Living in Another Language.
If you're looking for more of the unknown destinations to add to your travel list,
check this post out.

5) If Tube Lines Were People on Now Here This (Time Out London)
because the District Line would totally be a grandma,
Piccadilly is 100% a London loving tourist,
and the Northern Line? Yes.

6) My new layout!
A few weeks in the works with the absolutely incredible Girl Brooks Design.
I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to work with.
If I guide you to anything on this blog, listen to me here - check her out!

7) Free stuff.
The $50 Etsy giveaway I'm co-hosting is still going on, but only for three more days!


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