Sunday Lovin'

Another roundup of all things loved by me this week!

1) Time,
because I'm coming up on ONE MONTH until I move to London,
and I've only been looking forward to this day for, oh, well, the past two years.

2) Total Blog Move, from Helene In Between.
It's all way too relatable, and just a little bit embarrassing,
but you know you all do it, so whatever. #TBM

3) Everyone Says I'm Running Away, from Nomadic Matt.
This was quite possibly the first travel blog I ever stumbled on, years ago.  And I was hooked.
This article is everything I've felt since I had the opportunity to see more of the world.
I don't want to be normal - I want to find what's different, and I want to experience it.

4) Thoughts From Abroad, from Sara at Bristol In My Pocket.
It's my favorite series, and I totally want to copy her when I finally get to London.
AND she's just added a new travel guide page to her site, which I know I'm going to love.

5) Travel Moments that's actually written by Marielle, but on one of my favorites, Rhyme & Ribbons,
because she hiked a mountain in China that looks terrifying and incredible,
and because I want to ride a camel - but preferably one that's not trying to dine on my leg though..

6) Kansas. I know, who actually loves Kansas?
Well I do, right now at least.
I'm headed there for the next week to see one of my absolute favorite friends, and someone you've already heard way to much about - my old-turned-new London roommate - Heather!
Oh, and we happen to be seeing Paul McCartney while I'm there, which has somehow become a 'thing' every time we're together... 


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