My Favorite Memories: The Highlands

After our backpacking adventures during our month long 'spring break',
we had a weekend group trip to Scotland.
We were so exhausted from three weeks through Europe, that we were not looking forward to the visit at all.

I know. What kind of snobbish travel gods did we think we were? 'ughhh, Scotland. I'm like, SO tired from prancing through Europe already, but I guess we'll go...'

Anyways, like you've probably predicted, it was an amazing trip.
One of my favorites.
You can read more about what we did in this old ramble of a post here.

There are few moments when you really get that time to sit down and think about who you are,
and reflect on your life a bit.
But put me on top of the highest mountains and place me in front of an incredible view,
and you got it.

The Highlands in Scotland have some of the most amazing views I'll ever be able to see in my life.
They've got some incredible history as well.
I was able to look at some of the oldest mountains in the world and the newest mountains in the world,
right in the same view,
I was also able to stick my face in a pool of water that was supposed to give me eternal youth.
I'm still wondering why I'm getting older...

I like take pride in my amateur photography skills from this trip too.
Some may say it was the incredible views, but I say it's my natural-born camera skills...

All in all, it was one incredible trip.
And speaking of trips - I'm probably on a plane as you read this.
I'm headed out to good ol' Kansas to see Heather!
We haven't seen each other since October, but that's pretty normal.
Anyways, I'll be a little out of the loop until next week.

Happy travels!


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