Fab Four Friday

Through viewings and bookings and cancelations and more bookings,
We've finally secured housing that we are actually really happy about.
And with about two weeks let until our big move, this was crucial.
So - to say the least, it's been a GREAT week.

And why not keep this excitement going with some good ol' Fab Four Friday!

A Hard Day's Night is a song that everyone knows (I think? Well, you should).
It's such a fun song, and you can't help but start tapping your foot to it at the sound of that first chord.

This video is the opening of their first feature film with the same name,
and aren't they just the cutest?!
I love watching this because they are having SO much fun.

Ohhh, these boys never fail to put a smile on my face!


- Did you notice George and Ringo completely wipe out right in the beginning?
Makes me laugh every time!

- This title, A Hard Day's Night was created by Ringo - I know ... Ringo???
Apparently after another long day of work, Ringo made the statement,
and if you have learned anything about these boys - something as quick-stated as that
can turn into something as big as a hit song to title their first and most-anticipated motion pictures.

- The name was actually picked for the title of the film,
the song came after this, and was written specifically for the movie.

- The opening chord is one of the most identifiable and famous notes played.
Like, it has been seriously analyzed by people to figure out the exact chords used.
What's been found, is that the chord is played with
an electric guitar,
an acoustic guitar,
a bass guitar,
a piano,
and a little snare & cymbal.
Never thought something so simple could be so complex, huh?
Pretty cool.

Now I know after watching this amazingly adorable intro, you are automatically hooked,
and if not, watch this hilarious scene where Ringo doesn't know how to act .. or laugh.
Are you in love yet?
I am.


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