Fab Four Friday {and a guest post!}

Welcome back to my favorite day of the week!

Pre-scheduling posts is a pretty great thing.
You see, I'm in Kansas as you're reading this,
and probably still on the highest high after seeing Paul McCartney on Wednesday.
Have I mentioned on here how much I like that guy?

So because of this amazing week filled with amazing Beatle music and an amazing Beatle himself,
today's all about one of his greatest, most well-known songs
that is also one of the greatest sing-a-longs in the world.

Naaaaa na na na an na na....

Yup. That's the one.


- The songs was written for John's first-born son, Julian, as he went through the split of his parents.  The original lyrics were 'Hey Jules'.

- While John knew this, he still always had a thought that Paul might have written it for him.

- If you listen closely in the final verse, right at 'remember, to let her into your heart' somebody messes something up and you can hear one of the two saying 'fucking hell' in the middle of the song.

There were plenty of takes throughout the day to make the promo video for the song. I love this video because it shows a side-by-side of the video, and the outtakes


You can find me over on the lovely Christina's blog, Route Bliss today as well!
Christina covers just about everything you could think of - we share a lot of similarities,
including our crazy dog lady syndrome and sucking at running,
but the thing we have most in common is definitely our love of travel.
I'm talking about getting out of your comfort zone and finding an adventure
over on her page,
so check it out --> HERE!


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