My Favorite Memories: German Trains and GIVEAWAYS!

During our study abroad 'spring break'
that was more like an entire month off of school,
Heather and I had purchased a Eurail Pass for our mini-backback trip
from Germany to Switzerland to Italy.

Our first stop was Munich,
where we spent our time mingling through the famous Hofbrauhaus, beer mug in hand,
eating pretzels, admiring the many lederhosen that were on sale everywhere,
and seeing as much as we could of the city.

When it was time to leave, we headed to the train station
to start the trip and hop on our first train that would take us down to Switzerland.

Heather and I are very smart - we like to know our surroundings, and make sure that we are where we are supposed to be.
Sometimes, though, we overlook it a little bit
and jump onto whatever we think is right -
which in this case, I mean literally jump onto a random train.

We had our tickets and were walking towards the track that our train was to depart from.
We were right on time, and noticed the train was getting ready to move,
so without hesitation we hurried on.

Turns out, this was the train that was leaving before the train we needed to get on was arriving on the same track.

Which is fine,
unless it's an overnight German workers train.

We walked on into a room that looked like a kitchen.
There were cabinets, a refrigerator, and a middle table with a wrap around booth.
Not exactly the normal train with rows of seats that we were used to.

By the time we finally realized, 'this is not where we're supposed to be'
the train start moving, and that was it.
We were stuck.

We walked down the connecting hallway, and saw the cabins
that were full of tiny bunk beds and men sleeping in them.

Not really knowing where or what to do,
we just took a seat in the kitchen and thought about our options.
Which was to sit there, and just hope this train wasn't traveling 15 hours to Poland or something.

When one of the guys finally came out, he was very surprised to be greeted 
by two young, clueless American girls.
He didn't speak much English, but understood our waving hands and 'we're not supposed to be on here!'
And from that, we understood from him that the train was traveling to Lucerne, Switzerland,
where we'd be able to get off and figure out the right train to board.

Within a few minutes, another German man came out,
who, while shocked to see us, didn't seem to care that he was only wearing a wife beater and tighty-whities in front of us.
He snapped some German to the first guy, and I'm assuming their conversation was about how we accidentally got on.
This man didn't quite understand that, and for the next hour we were on the train,
we were entertained by this scantily clad foreign man
yelling out 'you vill be arrested! *handcuffs gesture* you are not allowed!'


Luckily, it was only about an hour and a half train ride
before we arrived in Lucerne and could jump off.
The nice German man helped us get our bags off, and gave us a nice wave.
And the other one continued his German rant until we were out of sight and couldn't hear him.

Laughing as we exited, we passed a train employer who gave us a sly grin with eyes that were saying "Silly girls, what are you doing? know you're not allowed to be on that train!"
With a cute smile back, we high-tailed it out to find the train that we were allowed to take.

Lesson of the day: (literally) don't jump on the first thing you think is right.
Or do, because it makes for a pretty funny memory.

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