Fab Four Friday


I love this song. Everyone does.
Frank Sinatra coined it as 'the greatest love song every written,'
and why yes Frank, I'd have to agree with you.

Rather than the original recording that everyone and their mothers has heard,
I wanted to show you all another great version.
Stripped down - just George Harrison and his guitar.

You can hear his 'bum, bum, bum' where the guitar will be put in the actual recording,
his voice is so raw and passionate,
it feels as if you're sitting in the studio with him.


- The opening line - "Something in the way she moves.." was actually inspired by James Taylor's hit with the same name.

- This is the second most covered Beatles song, behind Yesterday

- Remember last weeks post on The Beatles songs broken down? If you look up the deconstructed version of the studio recording on YouTube, you can hear Paul McCartney humming with the guitar solo.

Although this song is amazing recorded in any way,
I almost prefer this version to the original, but you be the judge.


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