Fab Four Friday

I've been able to do quite a few Beatle-related things in my time,
see Paul McCartney live at the famous Royal Albert Hall,
enjoy one of the biggest Beatles music-festivals in the world,
find myself in London five months later, meeting Paul,
and I've even made myself quite at home in Liverpool, where the group grew up.

If you couldn't tell,
I really love The Beatles.
And because of that, welcome to Fridays on the blog:

Just a few little tidbits, fun facts, songs or stories
to end your week with.
Because who doesn't want to end their week with The Beatles?

Since I'm beginning this,
we'll start with some fun facts from their beginning.

Although the boys of The Beatles began dipping their toes in the music scene through the late 50s,
It wasn't until 1960 that 'The Beatles' became the name of the group.

And it wasn't until the fall of 1962 that The Beatles became The Beatles that you know;
John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

Before that,
they were The Beatles - John, Paul, and George, with friend and drummer Pete Best.

These Beatles are known for their famous audition with Decca Records in London.
They had their audition the same day as another band,
and the end result?
The Beatles were rejected for a recording contract,
and Decca selected the other group, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes.

The songs that they played at the audition were recorded,
and some of them are on the Anthology albums that were released later on.

One of my favorites, that's always on repeat in my car,
is one of Paul McCartney's earliest songs,
called Like Dreamers Do.

This was the only recording of The Beatles singing the song,
But it was later given to another British group called The Applejacks.
But The Beatle's version will always be my favorite!
What are some of your favorite Beatles songs?


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