"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall"

Let's hope this is true, because I feel as if my life has taken a serious pit stop.

From being abroad for so long, I keep looking for more.  There is so much out there in this world, I just want to experience everything!  Studying abroad was undoubtedly the greatest thing that I have ever experienced, but I am 100% blaming it for my newly stressful confusion about my future.  After working for two years, I now have two paid jobs in the field I was so sure that I wanted to be involved in, and suddenly I'm not sure if that makes me happy anymore.  So many other things have crossed my mind that I'm not just unsure what I want to do, or even what I'll be able to get success in for that matter.

I think if I could have any job right now, I'd want to be a travel writer.  Isn't that kind of what I'm doing now?  Well with an addition of reviewing hostels, hotels, airlines, train passes, etc.  Which I may add, I am incredibly good at finding the best ones.  I honestly believe that I could give people my age great advice and tips when it comes to where to travel or how to do it.  And getting them to enjoy the things that I once did is such a rewarding career.  Just getting into that business is kind of a mystery to me..

Or even just working for a study abroad or travel agency?  I had the greatest time of my life studying abroad and traveling the world, and literally believe that everyone needs to have an adventure like my own.  I would love to touch on my own experiences to help others strive towards theirs.  But there's where a grad school degree comes in - not sure how successful I can be in that business coming out of college with a BA in communications..

Or what about artist and venue booking?  Helping get one of my favorite Liverpool Merseybeat bands have the ability to come to America for the renown Abbey Road on the River - as little as it sounds - was such a fulfilling experience.  If that made me so happy to have a part in, wouldn't having a career in doing that make me feel more accomplished than ever?

A friend that we met while we were in Liverpool was completing her grad degree at Liverpool Hope University in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society, which sounds absolutely incredible to me.  Being able to get a degree in something that you love so much - amazing, if you ask me.  It has nothing to do with anything that I have worked towards or even thought about before that, but it just happens to cross my mind every other day now.  I'm only 21 - I'm still so young and wanting to experience everything, so why not? What was that annoying phrase everyone kept screaming .. yolo or something...?

And then there's that other non-stopping desire to just work in the Cavern Club for the rest of my life.  Yes, that will never not be something I would do for the rest of my life and be completely content.

There seems to be a recurring theme in these thoughts that happens to deal with traveling, Liverpool, or Europe in general.  It will be nice to look back on this when I actually do have a career, and see if it is something in these ideas or completely different.

Working and being involved in theatre is great and something I have been driving towards for some time now, but I just can't help but think I might be happier doing something else. Which is the worst thought in the world when you graduate from college in eight months, starting the search to find a job.  Enter stress.

Yes yes I know 'work a little bit and you'll get there' .. 'give it a few years of work and saving etc. and you will be able to grab a nice job or a nice vacation around.'  A couple of years?  I'm young now!  Am I going to be able to have this kind of luxury once I get tied down to a multiple year, salary job? And if I do get a serious 'big kid' job, how do I know what field I want to go into? What field will even let me in to that area of business?

I think way too much.

What I've realized is that I am still 21.  I have an entire life ahead of me, and I'm entering the greatest years of my life.  I need to do what I want and experience what I can while I'm here.  When I think of what I want to do in life, it's to be happy, and there's no way of accomplishing this rather than working for it.  And I'm damn good at persistence when I'm determined, so you better believe I'm going to try my hardest to get where I want.

Ok .. done with that.
Quick update on life!

I've officially secured the job as the House Manager for the theatre that I've been working at .. and getting paid!  It's pretty great, and not a serving job, which makes me very happy.  The next show starts tomorrow, which I'd be completely excited about, but I have a mid-term the next day and I really just need to study.  Which leads me to the question, why am I blogging right now?

I just went to the Midpoint Music Festival here in Cincinnati for a couple of days last weekend with some friends which was so much fun! I got to see and talk to a couple of bands that I have never heard of, but have fallen in love with.  Holly came up to visit during the day and we went down to the festival one afternoon.  There was a 'box truck carnival' which was different organizations setting up their activities/shows inside of a box truck.  It was very neat.  Holly and I went into all of them and loved it.  It definitely showed me how nice downtown Cincinnati can be ... and that sometimes it can be a pretty cool place..

And the box truck carnival (Framester box truck)

We sat down and listened to some of the music that day to, which was great.  The last band we heard, Swear and Shake, was so much fun, and currently something that I can't stop listening to.  I think I'll end this very mixed emotioned post on a good note with some of their songs ... hopefully by the next post I'll have my thoughts together a bit more!


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