Parents Weeeek!

After finishing my final paper for school, I found some time to finally update about the rest of my parents visit.  We were all pretty tired after Liverpool so when we got back to London we just relaxed for the day .. especially since the next day we were waking up to go to Paris! I’ve already been to Paris, and although it is a gorgeous city, it wasn’t my favorite place.  My mom really wanted to see it though so it was good, and everyone should see the Eiffel Tower at least once in their life! So we spent about a day and a half there walking around – we went to the Louvre, which oddly enough was closed the one day we had to go.  So we decided to go into Notre Dame instead, which was so nice! The church is beautiful and the inside was just full of stained glass, old architecture, etc. etc.  It was gorgeous.  We ate some delllicious food throughout the day too, of course … then went to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle! Paris may not be my favorite place, but I could watch that every night and never get bored with it.

So we had an early train back home to London the next day so we woke up, got some paintings and then got back in the afternoon.  I went back to my flat and did some things with Heather while my parents went sightseeing at Westminster Abbey and around there.  Thursday they went to Wimbledon and I .. um .. slept.  But that night we went to see LES MIS! Which is my favorite favorite favorite show … clearly .. I think I’ve mentioned seeing that show in every post.  We had amaaazing front row seats, the show was great and I still love it – and am probably going to see it when I get back to London in May – more than once – of course.

Friday I went to an art exhibition for a paper I had to write – it was a collection of different works that all related to homelessness and such.  It was put on by the Crisis charity that works towards victims of homelessness, so it was very neat to see! After I got back from there I went to my parents hotel for a bit before we went to Primark.  We bought soooo much stuff but my mom loved the place!  We got Heather after and went out to dinner and then on the London Eye! It’s something Heather and I have always wanted to do; I mean we see it outside of our flat when we walk to the tube every day – it’s basically asking us to come on.  The view was incredible and I just still can’t get over the fact that I am here.  I honestly feel like London is home to me now, I’ve become so accustomed to the place. I never want to leave!! Six weeks left. ONLY SIX WEEKS LEFT :'(


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