Just A Quick Update...

I've been waiting for some more significant things to happen to update my blog, but a week has passed and I figure I should before I forget things! I may also just be waiting for something better than Liverpool to happen, which I'm about 98% positive that it won't.

Last week we got back from Liverpool on Monday night around 11PM - EXHAUSTED! We were so go-go-go for the four days straight that we were there, but I wouldn't have changed a thing (except to be able to stay longer!).  Luckily I checked my Westminster email around 2 in the morning to find out that my only class on Tuesday was cancelled! Needless to say, I slept about half the day .. but I needed it so bad! I woke up and hung around for a little bit before Heather and I met up with our friend Meghan to see a show for our theatre class.  We saw the 39 Steps which is a play based on Alfred Hitchcock's film.  It was very funny and we had a great time, but of course I always do when I see a show (or so I thought .. just wait).

Wednesday I had class and I don't really remember what happened that day, so I'm assuming that we didn't do much at all ... sooo onto Thursday! We woke up for class and went until around 4PM ... we got out early because in our theatre class we toured Shakespeare's Globe Theatre! Our guide took us to where the actual Globe would have stood if it were here today, into the Rose Theatre, and the reconstructed Globe Theatre.  It was SO cold, so it was really hard to focus on him, but the Globe is something I've always wanted to see, so it was very cool.  I'd like to see a Shakespeare play there .. but they are reallllly long, so we'll have to see about it.

Thursday was also great because it was Heather's 21st birthday! After our classes we went out to dinner with our friend Sarah and a couple of other girls to a cute place called The Breakfast Club.  I got a burger and Heather got pancakes... of course.  We went home to shower and get ready for the night before going back out to the dorms to meet up with Sarah, Meghan and their friends.  We all hung out in the dorms for a little bit before a couple of us went out to a few bars.  Nothing was really going on in Old Street, where the dorms are, so Heather and I decided to head back to Leicester Square closer to our place.  We went back to Zoo Bar, which we'd been at the week before and had fun in, and by this point we just wanted to have some fun especially since it was Heather's birthday.  We got there and went downstairs to start dancing around where we ended up meeting a gay guy and his straight (maybe?) friend.  We hung around with them for a while .. they were SO much fun!  I also got hit on by a 33 year old man ... to which I had to tell I was 17 to get him away .. his response was 'You know that makes me an offender right?' Hahahahah ..   It worked so whatever!  We stayed there until the bar closed and made our way to the buses to get home where we ended up sleeping together in the living room nook ... Heather and I that is.  It was a great night and I think Heather had a pretty good 21st.

Friday we didn't do much because we had to wake up early for our tour of Westminster Abbey on Saturday morning.  We were really excited to get inside and look around .. especially because it was where William and Kate got married .. but also because we cut through the court yard and pass this church every day. The church was BEAUTIFUL inside!  The ceilings were so gorgeous and there was so much on the walls.  The floor was also very cool because it was a bunch of GRAVES.  Yes, people were buried below us.  We walked over Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin (ironic?), Alfred Tennyson, etc. etc.  It was very cool .. but VERY cold! After the tour we about sprinted home because we were going numb.  Later on in the night we planned to go out, but Heather wanted to see some of her friends that were in town for the weekend and they went to see a show until around 1030.  We went out to see them after, where it was SNOWING!  It looked like a mini blizzard!  Something we never thought we'd see in London!  We still headed out to see them, but when we found them most bars were closing or close to so we decided just to chat for a bit then get a bus home.  There was so much confusion on taxis and buses that Heather and I got off at Trafalger Square and walked like, 20 minutes home to our place .. in the blizzarding snow.  It was pretty miserable and I am not sure I've ever been so cold, but it was nice to see snow for the first time in the year!  We ended up sleeping in the living room again .. I think it's going to become my new bed.

The most eventful thing about my day on Sunday was laundry, so I'll move on to Monday.  I had a weird sleep full of strange dreams, but the only one I can remember is my dad and I going to Liverpool together and having so so so much fun (hint hint DAD).  I woke up to go to class from 1-4 with a teacher I CAN'T STAND.  He moves way too fast, expects us to know everything already .. after we have had four classes?  He's just stupid.  So I brutally got through those hours with him and headed back to the flat for a bit, skyped my lovely parents and then had to head out with Heather to meet our friends Meghan and Amanda for another show for our theatre class.  This show was called The Bee, and you all know my love of theatre and how I would never hate on anything .. but this was the weirdest thing I have ever seen, and not a good weird.  The play was all messed up, there was really weirdly abstract dancing for no reason, I couldn't figure out what the heck the bee was supposed to mean, and the ending was just horrible.  Added to the fact I was standing half the time to see it, it made for a wasted night.  I'm praying I never have to see anything like that again to dampen my love for theatre because that was just bad.

So now it's Monday night and I'm sitting here listening to The Beatles (I. can't. stop.), and looking around at places to travel to for Spring Break! Heather and I booked our trip to Paris yesterday and as much as I'm working on her to go to Liverpool again before Paris, my hopes are drowning.  But I'm positive I'll make it back there more times in the year if we don't go then.  I HAVE TO.  My parents are also planning their trip here where we'll go to Liverpool and Rome! So fun!  Then Heather and I have two weeks to go wherever we want before we go to Edinburgh with our ISA group.  So we've got a lot of figuring out to do .. but it's all so exciting!  And tomorrow we are going to Britain's Got Talent!! I am going to see Simon Cowell .. what?!!

I've already gushed so much about everything I'm doing here but I really can't emphasize how great the decision to study abroad really was.  Not only am I seeing a million things I might have never gotten the chance to, but jumping into a whole new environment by myself makes me want to do more .. I see a backpacking trip in my future? That is before I end up moving here .... and after I pay my Dad back in the thousands of dollars of debt I'll be in after this trip.


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