Lazy Post About Lazy Days

So I'm ending my second week here, and it STILL has not hit me that I'm literally across the country.  I'm starting to think that it never will.  I should have updated this earlier because I really am not sure I can remember everything that's happened in the past week....

Wednesday was our first day that we didn't have something planned with ISA.  Of course, I completely slept through the early alarm I set to go out in the city and we didn't wake up until 1PM.  We'll just blame that on the jet lag... even though it happened on Thursday and Friday too.  Anyways, we got up, ate some breakfast, and went out to Oxford Street to once again deal with my phone issues.  I finally got my cheap little go phone. The buttons are loud and the texting is a little harder than on an iPhone, but it works, so I'm happy! I'm pretty sure that was just about all we did on Wednesday; it was probably our least eventful day.

When we woke up (too late) on Thursday, we went back out to Oxford Street to a store called Primark.  This is kind of a mix between Forever 21 and Target, but everything is dirt cheap.  You won't find a pair of shoes more than 15 pounds, tights more than 3 pounds, scarves more than 5, etc. etc.  It is absolutely AMAZING and I'm dying to go back!  I just got a sweater when I was there, but I have already started a list of things I want to get the next time we are there.  Once we finished up there we had to rush home to get ready for the study abroad orientation party which was on a boat! It was pretty fun and we met a bunch of people.  After the boat docked, we headed over to our friend Nicole's dorm where she had some people over, and we all headed out to a nearby bar.  The bar was packed, but it was so fun to hang out with everyone and meet others!

Now that I'm remembering, I take back what I said.  Friday was our most uneventful day.  We went grocery shopping and then watched Harry Potter on a laptop since the DVDs won't work in our TV.  That about sums up the entire day for us! I've never seen Harry Potter before, which is both embarrassing and sad, so I didn't mind the day.  I'm planning on having all 8 (?) seen by the time I leave... and to meet Harry Potter of course.

Saturday was not much different than the other days.  We went out around the city a bit and explored a shopped a bit.  We were planning on going out that night but decided to save our money, especially since we had to wake up the next morning for the tour of the Tower of London.  We met everyone at the tube station on Sunday then walked over to the Tower to begin our tour.  Lucky for us it was GORGEOUS outside, but freezing! The pictures all turned out amazing, I just wish the tour was indoors! But we walked around and learned about the murders, beheadings, superstitions, etc. etc. etc.  After that we were able to walk around on our own, but it closed soon after our tour ended.  After we left, my flatmates and I headed out to a nearby restaurant for dinner.  We chose an American-like place, which actually reminded me of Buffalo Wild Wings!  It was basically a sports bar and grill just like it, but a lot smaller.  The food was delicious though!

Monday was the first day of classes.  I woke up a little earlier so I could go and change my schedule around one more time.  My official schedule is Web Authoring and Design on Monday, Consumer Behavior on Tuesday (lecture) and Wednesday (seminar), and Art and Society and London Theatre in Performance on Thursday! My web authoring class was very cool.  We learned the basics of a program that you make websites off of and it was very cool! I'm excited to get creative with that stuff.  The lecture was right after it and it was very very boring.  Tuesday was the biggest class I've ever been in.  There were well over 100 kids, but coming from Xavier that's VERY new to me.  The class was incredibly boring and I made note to bring my laptop for distractions next week.  Today was my seminar for Consumer Behavior and it was pretty cool! My teacher is very nice and the things we cover  are pretty similar to my classes I took at Xavier.  I'm really excited for the classes tomorrow because they are specific London Studies classes that were basically made for study abroad students! Heather and I have the entire day of classes together so that's even better!

So that's the best sum up of the past week.. I think I covered everything? We went to a bar in Leicester Square last night called The Sports Bar .. creative, huh?  It was student night so there was no cover charge if you had your student ID.  We met up with some friends in the dorms before going out and spent the night meeting other people there and dancing.  It was fun and I feel like I've met more people that I'll be going out with later this week too!  We are also booking our trip to Ireland in March tonight which is super exciting too! There are 8 of us going and HOLLY WILL BE HERE!! I've already started that countdown even though it's still 50 days away.  That is going to fly by and before we know it I'll be picking her up at the airport!! I really can't contain my excitement for that week I might die. I really might. But I think that's about it for this week! Still loving London and love reminding myself I still have 5 more months here! :)


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