I've Been Careless With You

I feel like I don't update this enough, but I haven't done a horrible job at keeping up! There is just so much that goes on in the week that I feel like I have a million things I need to write about ... not sure I'll get everything down, but doing my best!

So I left off on Tuesday.  The Sports Bar was fun and I met lots of friends to go out with more! Wednesday I had my Consumer Behavior seminar class at 11:30 which was filled with lots of nice people, and my teacher wasn't so bad either!  We did some group work so we were all able to talk to each other, and it was over before I know it!  That was my only class for the day, so after wasn't filled with much; walking around a bit then ended up back at the flat.  Thursday I had Art and Society with my roommates and some friends.  We went to the Tate Britain museum where our instructor talked to us about some different pieces.  The museum was great; of course there was some boring things, but there were a lot of cool and weird things to see so I had fun! My teacher for this class seems like he's going to be great too! He's an older guy, but dresses very hipster/artsy/I'm not sure how to describe it, and he's just always happy and so so nice! So obviously after that day I'm very excited for the rest of it.  After, Heather and I had our London Theatre in Performance class.  We went over the syllabus and talked about theatre a lot, and you all know I have NO problem with that!  I found out that this semester for the class we are going to be seeing a different show each week! TEN SHOWS! I think I could have died of excitement.

After our classes we met up with some friends to go out for the night.  We went out to a place in Leicester Square; most of the nightlife takes place in Leicester Square, so we were able to see everything else around too.  It was very fun!  Friday, Heather and I went out around town for a little bit and at night we just stayed in since we had to wake up so early Saturday for our ISA excursion.  We had to meet at the Waterloo tube station at SEVEN THIRTY AM.  That means we had to wake up at like, 6:30AM.  Ridiculous.  But we got right onto a coach bus for about 2 hours so we slept most of the way.  Heather and I got the emergency exit seats so we could put our feet up and lounge back.  Definitely the best seats in the bus!

Our first stop was Stratford Upon Avon, which is a cute little town and the place where William Shakespeare was born/grew up.  We saw the house he grew up in, the first published book of his work, his grave, and then were able to walk around the streets a bit.  We took some pictures then had a quality American meal of SUBWAY :) .. which was absolutely delicious.  I have missed my Subway since I've been here!  After Stratford Upon Avon, we got back on the bus and headed out to Warwick Castle.  This castle was HUGE.  It was absolutely gorgeous; nothing like I'd ever seen before.  The castle was filled with different 'attractions' that we could walk through.  There was an area that was filled with wax figures to impersonate the way things were back then, a dungeon walk which seemed like a haunted house, but it cost 7.50 pounds, which we could not afford, and also a way to walk up around the top of the castle and get a great view of the town!  It was 580 steps around a tiny spiral medieval like staircase, so it wasn't easy.  But we had fun with it!  There was also a peacock garden which was FILLED with peacocks!  They kind of freaked me out, but it was very cool to see.  After walking around for a couple of hours, we met back with the ISA group and all piled into the bus to head home .... of course we fell asleep on this ride too.

When we got home, we had planned to meet up with some friends in the dorms and go out to some Rihanna themed bar night, but we were too tired to tube it all the way out so we walked around our side of the city for a little while.  We went into some nearby pubs to check them out before they closed and just hung out! It was a very relaxing, but fun night!

On Sunday we woke up semi-but not really- early to go out around London, but we only hit Primark before things closed (EVERYTHING here closes like, 2 hours earlier than America .. it's crazy).  I got a cute sweater and a pair of oxfords I had been wanting from there.  We wanted to visit the little boutiques/shops around our University that has clothes for 5-10 pounds, but they either closed super early or weren't open at all on Sundays, so we decided to go back Monday.  I had class on Monday from 1-4, and Heather went Beatle stalking while I was gone, but we met up after I got out and looked in the boutiques.  They had some real cute things and some not so cute things, but I got a chunky sweater that is very cute and was very cheap!

Today I had class from 11:30-1, and I was late thanks to the Tube breaking down while I was on it! I had to jump lines and make my way up to campus, but was still 15 minutes late.  The teacher didn't really see, nor did she care though, so I was okay with it.  After class, Heather and I met up with our friend Meghan.  We had to see a play for our Theatre class, so we got some student tickets then went to a little restaurant for a burger before.  The play was The Woman in Black, which just came out in theaters.  The play was SO good, but really scary!  I was very surprised, and impressed at how scary they were able to make it.  I jumped many times and the theatre was filled with screams, which was funny but more annoying.  All in all, I really enjoyed it and I would love to see it again, as well as see the film version!

Yesterday Heather and I also spent about a million dollars (not really Dad! O:) ) booking different things.  We first booked a tour of Abbey Road Studios, where we will be let inside and given different stories/info about the studio and artists.  Heather about cried when I found the tour! We also booked our trip to Liverpool this weekend! We are going on Friday-Sunday, and are seeing a Beatles tribute show at a pub the real Beatles used to play with on Saturday, and getting a bus tour of the city/Beatles stuff on Sunday! The closer we get to it the more excited I get !! I think Heather is converting me into a bigger Beatles lover.  I also found some 20 pound tickets for the FRONT ROW of Jersey Boys, so of course I had to jump on that! We are seeing it on Thursday night! It's a good trade off to do Beatles things with Heather and then do theatre things with me ... but I don't mind doing either cause I have so much fun with both!  Needless to say, I'm SO SO SO excited to see Jersey Boys again! It's one of my favorite shows! and then right after that we head to Liverpool! This weekend is about to be amazing!

That about sums up the time from my last blog, but here are some extra pictures I've taken since the last time I've posted!

The London Tower!

Shakespeare's House

The first published book of Shakespeare's writings




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